For Washington State Rep, District 4

For Freedom, Our Students and Free Enterprise

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What doesMJ Bolt Stand For?

Countdown to the Primary - August 2nd, 2022

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I am MJ Bolt. I am a mom and a concerned Washingtonian.  Over the last 11 years I have built a strong record of advocating for students from my elected positions on state and local boards; State Board of Education and as Central Valley School Board Director and President as well as sitting on multiple legislative committees. My passions are students and education!

For far too long, we have seen a trend of over-reaching ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies coming out of Olympia. From heavy-handed shutdowns of our small businesses to mask mandates, we have experienced gross breaches of our constitutional rights and freedoms.

It’s time to change this trend. As your next State Representative for the 4th Legislative District, I will partner with you, THE PEOPLE, to restore our God-given liberties and freedoms to make this a thriving community.

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